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Created in the 1940s, Krav Maga was designed as a simple and effective system for any individual needing to protect themselves.  Not dependent on size or strength, it can be used effectively by men and women of all ages. The goal is to build people mentally, spiritually, and physically, so that in a time of need one will be able to defend and protect their life. 

Get in the best shape of your life while you learn to defend it!


What is Krav Maga?

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Krav Maga Class


As the foundation of our program, classes are designed for every type of student. Learn the fundamentals of self defense while burning fat and gaining lean muscle. Beginner and advanced students work together to maximize progression through the Krav Maga system.

What Krav Maga Will Do For You 

  • Real life self protection tactics

  • Natural moves to disarm, immobilize and counter-attack 

  • Easy-to-learn modern combat system

  • Key defensive skills

  • Increased self confidence and self image

Fight Fit Class

An instructor led fitness class specifically designed to increase cardiovascular endurance, strength, and confidence, all while using Krav Maga techniques.  This is a perfect class for those just learning about Krav Maga who want to lose those extra pounds, get stronger and try something new. 

          What Fight Fit Will Do For You

  • Strength: Increases your lean muscle mass, making you stronger and your Krav Maga techniques more effective.

  • Endurance: Increases the health of your heart, lungs, and circulatory system.  These classes will keep you ready for anything!

  • Dynamic Power:  Improve focus and build your dynamic movements, focusing on strength and quickness.  

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